Steering and Suspension parts on a car
cover more than just shocks, springs and your steering wheel.
Every steering and suspension part have to work together to give
your car the best ride and handling possible.

Vehicle Supension Repair and Service

Shocks & Struts

Bouncing, swaying and squating are all problems caused by worn out shocks or struts. Get your shocks and struts inspected by Faulkenburg Autuomotive if your car just doesn't ride like it used to.

Tie Rods

Tie rod ends are an important component in your steering system. When you turn the steering wheel, your tie rods are what actually force the tires to turn. Keep your steering tight by replacing your tie rod ends.

Ball Joints

Ball joint failure can cause excessive tire wear and also increase the risk of other components failing. Our technicians have the experince to diagnose and fix your vehicles problems right the first time.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings do not fail immediately, but gradually fail over time. They can also be hard to diagnose by an untrained individual. Trust Faulkenburg Automotive to accuratley diagnose your failing wheel bearings.

CV Joints & CV Axles

CV joint (constant velocity) and axles are what transer the power from your cars engine to the wheels. When the joints and axles are worn out or making noise, bring it to Faulkenburg for an inspection and replacement.


Replacing the polyurethane and rubber bushings in your suspension system can help reduce vibrations and reduce friction between moving metal parts like lower control arms. Get your bushings inspected today