Fleet Maintenance Service

Save money by hiring a professional
fleet repair company to keep your
fleet of vehicles running at peak performance.

Servicing your fleet of vehicles at an afordable price

Tire Installation

Get fleet pricing on all your tires when you choose Faulkenburg Automotive to maintain your fleet of vehicles. Save downtime from worn tires.

Oil Changes

Oil is what keeps your engine lubricated and functioning properly. It is also the most recommended service to give your car a long life.

Tire Aligment

Keeping your vehicles tracking down the road properly saves gas and minimizes tire wear. It also prevents premature failure of other front end parts like ball joints and tie rod ends.

Shocks & Struts

These are two vehicle components that are critical to your suspension. Having worn out shocks and struts gives your car a terrible ride.

Brake Jobs

Fleet vehicles that experience a large amount of stop and go traffic have a higher rate of brake problems. We can keep your vehicles rotors and brake pads in operating order.

Fluid Change

Radiator fluid keeps your car from overheating. It is important to ensure the coolant is always at the correct level and mixture.