Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance in Floyds Knobs, IN

Quality Preventative Maintenance in Floyds Knobs, IN

Preventative maintenance helps ensure the longevity and success of your fleet vehicles. Inspections, repairs and maintenance help prevent small problems from becoming larger ones, which in the end helps your bottom line. If you only take in your vehicles when a problem becomes prevalent enough to notice, this can lead to more downtime, which leads to less time on the road and a drastic decrease in productivity.

Faulkenburg Automotive provides quality preventative maintenance in Floyds Knobs, IN. Visit us now!

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Effective preventative maintenance programs, such as the ones offered by Faulkenburg Automotive, include:

  • A checklist of tasks performed
  • Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Inspection results
  • Driver-noted issues
  • Trained professional technicians

One of the most effective ways to make sure your fleet vehicles are maintained properly is to have their oil changed regularly. Engine oil is what lubricates your fleet vehicles’ engines, allowing them to run smoothly and last longer. Fleet owners must maintain their vehicles’ engines by changing the oil and using the oil appropriate for their vehicles’ makes and models. The necessary frequency of oil changes has become a point of contention among experts. The best course of action is to check the owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the “check engine oil” light comes on while driving, this is a strong indication that the truck is running low on oil. If this happens, bring your vehicle to Faulkenburg Automotive, where we will not only add oil but also check the vehicle for leaks.

The battery in your fleet vehicle provides electrical currents, which are necessary to start the engine. Most vehicle batteries need to be replaced every few years, depending on the conditions in which you drive. Extreme weather, continued use of vehicle accessories and other conditions can lead to shorter battery life. Over time, your battery loses juice, and you may need to occasionally jump-start your vehicle in order to get it running. If your vehicle is showing signs of lessened battery life, such as delayed start time, you may need to get your battery replaced. The expert team at Faulkenburg Automotive can examine, diagnose and replace your battery as needed. You can trust us to service your battery and, if necessary, help you find and install the perfect new battery for your vehicle.

Your fleet vehicle needs to run cleanly and smoothly in order to ensure a safe, comfortable drive. One of the best ways to make sure your fleet vehicle’s engine runs well is to regularly replace its filters. Oil filters and air filters must be replaced at regular intervals in order to allow your engine to run at its maximum capacity and continue to carry large, heavy loads. By setting up a maintenance schedule with the team at Faulkenburg Automotive, you can make sure your filters are always replaced on time.

In addition to replacing filters, you need to make sure the fluids in your fleet vehicle’s engine are both at the right levels and the right consistency. Neglecting to regularly change the coolant, antifreeze and other fluids within your truck’s engine can lead to slower and more difficult driving. The experts at Faulkenburg Automotive will check your vehicle’s fluid levels and conditions and replace or refill them as needed.

Regular Maintenance For Your Vehicle

The first step to making sure you have a successful fleet is to make sure it is always performing its best. Regular maintenance keeps you and your vehicle ahead of the curve and can help prevent expensive problems from arising. The expert team at Faulkenburg Automotive will exceed your expectations and make sure your fleet vehicles are always road-ready.

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